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Brand Vertini
Light Alloy Wheels
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Vertini Monaco is not an attempt to bypass the "Magic", but rather an addition to the line of" concave " discs. The design of the "Monaco" is made in the form of five forked spokes, with a hidden lip and an engraving of the brand name on the inner rim. As a result of our relentless focus on the path to excellence, we have created a product that we are proud to present.

Vertini Wheels was born out of an all-encompassing passion to create stylish and elegant wheels. The finest craftsmanship and the most advanced technologies that we use in the production process have helped to set new standards of taste, style and quality, which we call absolute perfection. Thus, "Vertini Wheels" embodies the best elements of design, quality, functionality, and beauty that a luxurious and refined drive should possess. Exclusive and individual style, coupled with a bold and exciting design, perfectly help the person who prefers luxury cars to stand out from the crowd and be noticed. "Vertini Wheels" are produced individually for each car brand according to the factory tolerances and specifications. Our rigid parameters ensure proper wheel overhang, ground clearance over the brake calipers, and driving without any vibration, whether it's a Mercedes, BMW, Porsche or Lexus.

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