Because of the intensive growth of our company and the increased requests for products, as well as for the purpose of developing and forming a partner network, Hodoor LLC created a representative program, which is the basis for profitable and mutually beneficial cooperation.

The program is primarily aimed at operating car companies, but it is also suitable for people without experience in the car business who want to take the first steps under the supervision of a more experienced partner.

We tried to move away from the usual format of franchises, eliminate negative experiences, minimize all risks and focus on important things - solving the pressing problems of the automotive market and consumers. We tried to create value, not price, and we succeeded.

What is our program? Briefly on the title slide of a large presentation.

*to receive the full presentation, send an e-mail to marked "Franchise".


The program provides the following procedure:

Our expectations from candidates for the status of official representative:

If you are interested in obtaining the status of an official representative, you need to send us an e-mail to with the note "Franchise", receive and fill out a candidate’s application form, submit a set of necessary documents in electronic form.

List of cities where priority opening of new HODOOR representatives is considered! in 2021:


After receiving the completed questionnaire and a complete set of necessary documents, we will contact you to discuss the procedure for further interaction.

For all questions, please contact the dealer network development department.