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International delivery on all orders

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Delivery and payment


We can deliver goods all over the world in a short period of time.

Our offered products are produced all around the world and the shipping is done directly from the manufacture places.



Most of our products are custom made, so there is a prepayment to arrange the production. As an international company, we understand the concern and lack of trust of our new customers. The market is full of unscrupulous sellers and we keep getting informed of these cases. Unfortunately, we cannot release most of the goods without prepayment. There are material costs that have to be invested in advance. 

To gain more trust from our new customers, we are constantly looking for new ways to do it.

1. We can start with as much low as possible part payment until the goods are ready to be shipped. When the goods are ready to go, we provide you with the photo/video confirmation and transport booking documents. And then another part of the payment is done. 

2. See or leave a review that cannot be deleted. We try to be as transparent as possible. That's why we have started our Trustpilot.com account. Every page of our web shows a link to this review platform, so every visitor can leave us a real review. Trustpilot reviews cannot be faked or deleted. Currently, there are not many reviews but we are working on it. 

You can see our reviews and leave your review here https://www.trustpilot.com/review/hodoor.world

3. Ask our trust agents in 40+ countries. If there is still a lack of trust, you can always ask us to provide you with our last products, which were shipped to your country. Some of our customers in various countries are willing to help us get more trust and ready to provide real reviews. We call them our trust agents. 

4. Get a Letter of Commitment from a trusted company. This is often used for wheels because our customers are afraid to get some kind of fake wheels. You will get an official letter from the authentic supplier. 




All our orders are only picked up directly from their manufacturing places. 

If you have your own shipping company, we can prepare goods and pass them to your agent.



Shipments less than 20 KG or 1000 USD value can be delivered with courier companies. We can use any courier service for worldwide delivery. We prefer to use DHL, FedEx, and TNT. Shipping rates are not fixed and should be calculated case by case. 

Usually, we confirm if you are ok with the goods' price and then there is a sense to calculate the delivery rate.

For shipments over 20+ KG and 1000+ USD, it is cheaper to deliver it with direct airline service, sea shipping, or trucking service. 

1000+ USD value shipments require customs clearance on both sides. We can help with it if you need it. 

Please contact our sales team to calculate shipping to your destination.



1. Our usual shipping rates do not include Import Taxes & Duties in the destination country.

Our basic shipping rates include export clearance and delivery to the country of destination. When it comes to your country, you have to arrange customs clearance, pay import duties, taxes, and VAT. You the customer are liable for any import taxes and duties which your government and or customs impose when you purchase products (from www.hodoor.world) that are delivered outside the manufacturer's country. If you are unsure of these taxes and or duties, please contact your local customs agency in your respective country before ordering goods. Hodoor Performance takes no responsibility whatsoever for these charges.

2. In case if you need assistance with Import Customs Clearance, paying Taxes & Duties in your country, please let us know in advance. 

As most of our products are 1000$+ value, they require export/import customs clearance on both sides. We can help with it all. When it comes to your country, we will prepare all documents and handle the import clearance, pay duties and taxes with our company and arrange delivery to the installation place. So, eventually, you won't be involved in any of this at all. Just let us know in advance.



Every order is despatched along with your invoice for your records. If you receive the goods and your invoice is not attached it will be due to the fact that the item has been sent directly from the supplier and in this case, your invoice will follow soon after by post. If you haven’t received one, please do not hesitate to contact us, as copies are available upon request free of charge from our accounts department.



All goods are thoroughly checked prior to despatch and are then securely wrapped and packaged and security sealed to ensure safe transit. We have the latest wrapping and packaging machinery available on today’s market, which not only ensures the products reach you in perfect condition, it means we can get the items packaged exceptionally quickly to ensure your order is with you without delay in the quickest time available in the industry. Packaging is so important when mail ordering so we take it very seriously, to the highest level to ensure your goods reach you in the condition they were in when they left us.



Even though we securely package every item to endeavor that it reaches you safely and securely, unfortunately on very rare occasions goods can be damaged in transit due to the nature of the products so all postage charges include insurance. If a parcel arrives and the box/packaging appears damaged, please sign for the goods and clearly print “DAMAGED” next to your signature. Then upon opening the parcel, if you find that any product within the box/packaging is damaged please email us, so that we can assess the situation. Please put all items back into the original box/packaging as follows on from there we will make a collection of the damaged item and arrange a redelivery of a replacement free of charge. We reserve the right to offer a direct replacement. If the item shows signs of being fitted, it is excluded from this exchange policy



We accept these types of payment:

1. Credit Cards (+4% to the final cost of goods and shipping)

Due to the nature of currency rate fluctuations and fees that credit card companies charge, the final billed amount is increased by +4%. By purchasing from us you are accepting these conditions as Hodoor Performance is not in any way liable for the exchange rates and charges applied by your credit card company. If you are in any doubt please contact us.

A credit card charge of 4% will be applied for Visa and MasterCard credit cards at the checkout. All transactions are processed in USD/EUR/GBP, if your credit card is billed in another currency; the amount charged will be in USD/EUR/GBP, your credit card company will convert this amount into your local currency.

2. T/T Bank Transfer

This is a direct bank payment. You have to contact your bank to make a T/T Transfer. We provide you with the payment invoice, our bank name, account number, and SWIFT code. It may take up to 3-5 days for us to see your payment after it is done.

3. Irrevocable Transfers / Letter of Credit payments

In case of big payment amounts - we do also accept Letter of Credit / Irrevocable Transfers. A letter of credit is a document sent from our bank to your bank, that guarantees that we will receive your payment as soon as we have provided shipping documents. We can use this type for 10 000+ USD payments. 

4. Direct factory payment

In case of big payment amounts, we can arrange a direct payment to the manufacturer to make your payment safer. You will not be paying our company, but we will still handle your order. Usually, this is done with 50 000+ USD payments.

5. Cash payment

Currently, we are working to arrange our branching partners in Europe & World.

Please ask our sales team if we already have a partner who can receive payment and handle orders in your country.

6. PayPal payments

PayPal may hold funds up 21 days after you made a payment to our company. It means each time we will have to invest full amounts to the suppliers ourselves. As we are having lots of deliveries at the same time, it takes incredibly large investments, so we need to receive your full PayPal payment before shipping. We hope for your understanding.