Sports Car Travel in the Alps and Europe with Hodoor Performance

Ready to go on the main adventure of the year?

If you've been dreaming of exploring the breathtaking beauty of the Alps and cruising along the best roads for pure driving pleasure, then this is an opportunity you simply can't miss. The best part? You'll get to experience it all in fantastic weather and without the hassle of traffic.

Embark on a journey that covers all the iconic roads and destinations for those who truly love to drive. You'll traverse the Italian Alps, the French Alps, the Cote d'Azur, the Pyrenees, the Algarve, and Sagres. Along the way, you'll also visit some of the most charming cities in Europe, including Verona, Nice, Montpellier, Valencia, Ronda, Faro, and finally, Lisbon.

Get ready to experience pure driving bliss as you cover a whopping 1000 km with a crew of four (one or two people). So buckle up and get ready to hit the road for an unforgettable adventure that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

How is the adventure arranged?

  1. We meet you at the airport of Verona (Summer-Autumn) and Lisbon (Winter).
  2. We carry out a briefing and solve all formal issues (contracts, payment, deposit).
  3. The first instructor with the navigator rides in the first car, both are well trained in terms of aerobatics and know the roads a little better than possible. You do not need to think about anything: you only enjoy the views, the car, and the road.
  4. It is the escort machine that is our strength, it is very difficult to evaluate, but we give a high pace where possible (you see the trajectory, braking and get all the information on the radio) and solve all the difficulties on the way.
  5. We lead along a unique author’s route. Only interesting roads: serpentines, views and speed. Non-tourist routes, selected so that traffic does not interfere with traveling quickly and safely.
  6. Every night we stop in a new place, these are hotels of at least 4 stars, but we, first of all, rely on unique places: species and historical hotels

How long are we going? Where do we go? How are we going?

The standard route consists of 5 days (of which the first and last day is the day of arrival and departure. There are 3 full days on the trip), besides this, we do a Grand Tour once a month, usually a week.

The length of the road is 1000-1100 km. (serpentines) in 3 days (as practice shows, this is enough)

We move strictly in a column observing the distance, this is a requirement of common sense and security. The column is always driven by our car (the car of the organizers), which reports all the nuances on the road (oncoming cars, people, bicycles, cows, etc.) But as it is not surprising, it only increases your speed, no one will hold back. Moreover, on our route, there are special sections where you can take your soul. And it’s not easy to put pressure on the gas in a straight line - these are winding roads amid stunning landscapes.

Watch a video of one of our trips:

Our cars

Currently available:

  • Lotus Evora 400 2018

  • Audi TT RS Roadster 2018 

  • Alpine A100 2019

  • Porsche Boxter 2019 

  • BMW M2 2018 (mechanic)

We have updated our cars recently. Please check our current inventory.


The average mileage of cars is 10,000 - 30,000 km.

What is included in the price?

Attention!!! The price is for two-person in a car!!!

More precisely, the price is indicated for the crew. The crew is one or two people, for us it does not matter. You can go alone (which is a great option), but to go with your wife or girlfriend will cost absolutely the same. The most profitable option: you can go with a friend and share the price for two, our routes are long and everyone will have time to enjoy both the view outside the window and the control of cars.

  • Car rental (every day on a new car): the tour is designed in such a way that you can try all of our sports cars.
  • Hotels for all days of the tour (accommodation + breakfast)
  • Guide and instructor services
  • Toll Roads and Parking

What is not included in the price?

  • Flight
  • Meals (lunch + dinner)
  • Gasoline (an average of 230 euros per tour)

Payment and Deposit

Payment for our services is as follows:
  1. 50% prepayment. It is possible to pay via Internet acquiring and by bank transfer to a current account.
  2. Payment of the second 50% is made on the spot on the first day (by bank transfer or in cash)
If you decide to cancel the trip, the advance payment is returned upon cancellation no later than 45 days in advance.
On the first day of the tour, each participant in cash or by card makes a deposit of EUR 2,000.


All our cars are insured, but there is a franchise of 2000 euros
For this class of cars, this is the minimum possible amount.

This means that your liability is measured in the amount of 2,000 euros.
Every morning, before we get into the car, we test each car together.

First of all, we advise you not to forget about the wheels in the parking lot at the curb.
The windshield is fully insured.


Can it be cheaper?

Can! To reduce the cost by 50% - you need to find a fellow traveler and divide the cost into two. This experiment, already conducted, was successful. But still, in advance, it is better to get to know each other. In general, if you want to find a friend by reason, then leave a request and we will try to find you a couple in a good way. If you divide the tour into two, the cost for each will be -50%. Our routes are very long, everyone will have enough time behind the wheel. Moreover, there will always be someone to share emotions with.

Cost and Schedule


Date Month Year Start / Finish Type of trip Cost Places left
03 - 08 August - Verona, Italy Individual booking  2200 EUR No
17 -22 August - Verona, Italy Individual booking  2200 EUR  3 places
01 - 06 September - Verona, Italy Solo ride From 2200 EUR No
08 - 13 September - Verona, Italy Hardcore ride From 2800 EUR No
05 - 10 October - Verona, Italy Solo ride From 2200 EUR No
12 - 17 October - Lisbon, Portugal  Hardcore ride From 2800 EUR  3 places
02 - 07 November - Lisbon, Portugal Individual booking  2800 EUR   3 places
16 - 21 November - Lisbon, Portugal Individual booking 2800 EUR   No
09 - 14 December - Lisbon, Portugal Individual booking 3500 EUR   3 places
 28 - 02  December / January - Lisbon, Portugal Individual booking 4200 EUR   3 places
 04 - 09 January - Lisbon, Portugal Individual booking 3500 EUR  3 places
11 - 16  January - Lisbon, Portugal Individual booking 3300 EUR   3 places
18 - 23  January - Lisbon, Portugal Individual booking  3300 EUR  3 places
25 - 30  January - Lisbon, Portugal Individual booking 3300 EUR   3 places

You can use your car: -1000 euros of the cost of the tour.


Benefits for Hodoor Performance Customers

All tour participants receive club cards with a 5% discount on all products of the company

Details and reservations

E-mail:  [email protected]


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