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SCL Performance body kit for Nissan GT-R Gojira

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Brand SCL Performance
Nissan GT-R (2016+)
Body Kit
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SCL Performance body kit for Nissan GT-R Gojira
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Elevate Your Nissan GT-R R35 (GOJIRA) with the SCL-GLOBAL-Concept Body Kit

Unleash the true potential of your Nissan GT-R R35 (GOJIRA) with the SCL-GLOBAL-Concept body kit, a masterpiece designed to redefine automotive aesthetics and performance. Crafted with precision, this kit comprises over 20 meticulously engineered components that seamlessly enhance the contours of the R35 body.

🔧 New Nissan GT-R R35 (GOJIRA) Kit Includes:

  • ✨ Front Bumper
  • ✨ Front Bumper Splitter
  • ✨ Central Front Bumper Grille
  • ✨ Side Front Bumper Grilles
  • ✨ Rear Bumper
  • ✨ Rear Bumper Diffuser
  • ✨ Hood/Bonnet
  • ✨ Hood Inserts
  • ✨ Front Wings/Fenders
  • ✨ Front Wing/Fender Aerodynamic Elements
  • ✨ Rear Wheel Arch Extensions
  • ✨ Side Skirts
  • ✨ Side Skirt Splitters
  • ✨ Door Moldings
  • ✨ Trunk Lid
  • ✨ F1 Style Brake Light
  • ✨ Spoiler on Trunk Lid
  • ✨ Aerodynamic Roof Plate
  • ✨ DRL in Front Bumper

🔥 Material Options

  • The GOJIRA tuning (body kit) is available in two exceptional materials:
    • Ultra-High-Temperature Fiberglass: Original part weight, 2-3mm thickness, temperature resistance up to 120°C, maximum strength.
    • Carbon Fiber: Crafted to aviation standards, superior strength, temperature resistance above 120°C, and reduced weight compared to original parts (R35). Choose from various carbon fiber patterns, including Carbon Twill 2/2, Carbon Twill 4/4, Carbon FORGED, and Stealth Carbon Fiber.

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Upgrade your Nissan GT-R R35 (GOJIRA) with the SCL-GLOBAL-Concept body kit and experience automotive excellence like never before. Drive in style, unleash power, and leave a lasting impression.

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