Custom body kit design service

In 2021 our company announced a new custom body kit design service

Our company has extensive connections with designers of the most famous car tuning companies. We can design and produce body kits exclusively as you wish they should be. This is easy. 

You don't need any special skills to make a custom design for your car. Our designer will be providing you with the ideas to choose from and improving the ideas you like. So final design will be based on your preferences.

Design idea for Toyota Land Cruiser 300

What can be designed and produced:

Front bumper

Front Lip


Wide arches

Side sills

Mirror pads

Rear spoiler

Rear bumper

Rear diffuser


Design idea for Toyota Land Cruiser 300


How long does it take?

This is longer than getting a mass-produced body kit. 

The whole procedure should take up to 90-120 days.


Here are the steps:

1. Finding a good design idea is up to 30 days. 

2. 3D scanning may take up to 3-5 days. 

We will find the nearest 3D scanning company to come to scan your car. 

3. 3D modeling. Full kits take up to 30 days

4. CNC Machining - up to 14 days. 

Here is where we get a wooden master model of the kit.

5. Vacuum forming. The master model is reproduced in plastic - up to 21 days. 

6. Additional 14-21 days if you want some parts in carbon.  


What are the costs?

2D design with fixed front view, fixed rear view.

Full kit (3 design ideas) - 800$

Each additional design idea +200$


3D design - a 360 virtual model of the kit.

Full kit (3 design ideas) - 1500$

Each additional design idea +500$



3D scanning

3D scanning depends on the country and city you are in. We'll find the nearest 3D scanning company to scan your car so we can produce body kit.

For example, scanning all parts of the BMW X6 G06 for a full wide-body kit in Moscow, Russia costs 1500$. The same price in Saudi Arabia was 3000$. 

So this really depends on the place where your car is. 


3D modeling

The full widebody kit 3D modeling is 1500$.

If you need fewer parts - please request.


CNC machining & vacuum forming

Depends on the parts and complexity. From 4000$ up to 20 000$



What are total costs?

Total costs for full wide body kit including hood should be from 15 000$ to 25 000$


Our latest design ideas

Ready for a custom project?

Please contact our sales team [email protected]


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