Mansory Carbon Fiber Body kit set for Rolls-Royce Dawn

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Brand Mansory
Carbon fiber
Body Kit
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The sun is rising Mansory refinement programme for the Rolls-Royce Dawn

A dream on 4 wheels descended from above as the Rolls-Royce Dawn, a unique drophead, above which the sun never sets. The characteristic noble drive synergises with the sense of sports performance in order to fulfill the high demands with respect to looks and aerodynamics.


Front bumper

Rear bumper

Air intake splitter

Side skirts

Front fenders

Rear decklid spoiler

Mirror housing with flasher

Front grill frame

Rear trunk bar cover

Engine bonnet

Front lip front bumper

trim side skirts

Air outtake splitter front fender

Air outtake splitter Rear bumper

Extension rear diffuser

A-pillar cover

folding roof

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