THOR Exhaust Systems for Mercedes GLS 350D

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Brand THOR
Exhaust systems
Stainless Steel
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THOR — one or two heavy-duty speakers placed in spherical structures made of titanium and steel alloy. The system is suitable for absolutely any modern car.

To install the THOR system, you only need the engine's CAN bus. It is through it that the electronic exhaust is fully synchronized with the engine operation. The works are guaranteed for two years. The service life of the device is unlimited.

The device was developed and manufactured in Russia.

Let's look at the installation of an active exhaust system on the example of the Mercedes GLS 350d and what result this will lead to.
Let's unpack it first. The kit includes a control unit, wiring and the speaker itself.
The THOR system control unit is located in the trunk niche, hidden from view and does not take up much space. Wiring is connected to control the electronic exhaust from the cabin, through standard systems.
Next, you need to remove the rear bumper. The speakers will be placed behind the bumper booster. You need to make special brackets for reliable fastening of the structure.
The electronic exhaust has taken its place, the wiring is stretched through the standard technological holes. The bumper takes its place. You can remove the nameplates from the trunk lid, because now you have a whole set of exhaust sounds, including AMG.

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