THOR Exhaust Systems for BMW X5 F15

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Brand Thor
Stainless Steel
Exhaust systems
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THOR — one or two heavy-duty speakers placed in spherical structures made of titanium and steel alloy. The system is suitable for absolutely any modern car.

To install the THOR system, you only need the engine's CAN bus. It is through it that the electronic exhaust is fully synchronized with the engine operation. The works are guaranteed for two years. The service life of the device is unlimited.

The device was developed and manufactured in Russia.

An off-road car doesn't have to be quiet by nature. And even a diesel engine is not a sentence here. Now, thanks to the installation of the THOR electronic exhaust system, this X5 F15 boasts a powerful bass exhaust sound. You can configure the parameters and modes of operation of the system directly while driving, and during a comfortable family trip, you can disable it altogether.

Cars equipped with diesel engines do not sound a priori. In addition to the joys of efficiency, reliability and good traction, I want a little emotion from the sound of the exhaust. The THOR electronic exhaust system is an ideal option. Especially for a family crossover, where a ringing roar is not always appropriate. Flexible adjustment of the exhaust sound or no sound at all is the right solution.

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