Revo Sport Body Kit for BMW M3/M4

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Brand Revo Sport
Body Kit
Revo Sport
M3, M4
Carbon fiber
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The BMW M3 has always been the BMW enthusiasts favourite model, owners consider it to be the best M model of all and with its performance and handling characteristics, no doubt it is the best in class amongst other manufacturers.

Tuners around the world have come up with various upgrades to performance and styling hoping to achieve even better performance. The engineers at Munich are well aware of this and understand that many BMW M owners prefer something a little bit more aggressive than the showroom model. Enter the BMW Performance Package. It is the answer to tap into the tuner market with extra aerokit, intake, exhaust etc., all of which serves to bring out the extra performance.

At RevoZport, we welcome BMW Performance’s products and as a matter of fact, we think BMW Performance parts are probably the best there is on the market and that is why RevoZport’s M aerokit are designed especially for the BMW Performance products.

From the front, the RevoZport add-on lip is an extension to the Performance front lip and added to the side fender spoiler, it gives the M3/M4 an even more aggressive look and down force. For brakes, RevoZport’s add-on cooling duct comes with high temperature hose, air ducts and brake mounting brakets are designed especially for the purpose of cooling the front brakes.

To complement the Performance side skirts, RevoZport added the extra front and rear fender spoilers to the wheel arches and enhanced the visual effect of the fender flares. At the rear end, an adjustable GT wing and 2 element rear diffuser with bumper skirts.

No exhaust or performance tuning are available as we believe BMW have already provided the best to their owners.

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