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Box in the trunk Vestis

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Brand Vestis
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Box in the trunk Vestis

A box in the luggage compartment has long been an integral part among our customers' orders, and this is easily explained, because every driver wants to keep his trunk clean and store household chemicals or other small things in a special compartment, which, besides being made in the same style, as the trunk, tightly secured to it with special velcro, giving a tight hold while driving.

The box in the luggage compartment is used for convenient storage of car accessories (automotive chemicals, tools, gloves and other trifles). When ordering a set box + carpet in the trunk, we specify the location of velcro on it, so that it does not drive along the trunk and firmly stood in place.

In the production there are three models: a length of 30cm, 50cm and 70cm, the price, respectively, 14990r., 19990r. and 24990r.

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