IPE exhaust system for Mercedes-Benz E43/E400/E450(C238)

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Brand IPE
Stainless Steel
Exhaust systems
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The Mercedes-Benz E450 (C238) uses the 3.0L L6 Turbo engine(M256). The original Sport+ mode will already fire the POP Sound when it is upshifted. The iPE not only makes it more obvious, but also doesn’t require changing the ECU. The iPE exhaust system can produce firecrackers sound at throttle.

Although iPE electronic valves can work in conjunction with the OEM control system, but we don’t recommend use it, because the original valve opening at 1300 ~ 1500rpm. Such an early opening time is easy to produce disturbances due to the increased pipe diameter and high flow design to resonance.

Therefore, we extremely recommend to choose the OBDii with Lighting Sensor, which can not only quickly switch the three modes of OPEN, AUTO, and CLOSE in 1 second, but also freely set the valve opening timing within 4000 rpm. Therefore, iPE's CLOSE + original Comfort Mode can bring you peace like OEM E450. And iPE's OPEN + original Sport Plus Mode can provide you with a lot of fun listening experience

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