IPE exhaust system for BMW 840i (G15)

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Brand IPE
Exhaust systems
8 series
Stainless Steel
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The 2020 BMW 840i Gran Coupe a full-size four-door performance luxury coupe with B58B 3.0 Turbo L6 engine:340hp/5000~6500rpm,500N⋅m/1600~4500rpm.
The 8 Speed automatic Double wishbone front suspension and rear multi-link suspension.
Mix carbon-fiber in chassis material.
The 840i Gran Coupe should be a genuine-coupe, in the Twentieth Century sense of the word.
iPE makes the BMW 840i's exhaust system more interesting changes. It is powerful enough to wake up sleepy bugs, but when it is quiet, even cats cannot detect iPE 840i is approaching. 
Although this is an exaggerated description, it is not far from the truth.

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