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Brand Hodoor Performance
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Electrochromic glass "Hodoor Performance"



- Made from Pilkington glass brand 

- Fully repeats the geometry of regular glass.

- Consists of two glasses, covered with Clear Plex armored tape on both sides.


Between the glasses, a special polymer is poured, which darkenes it with electricity effect.

- Temperature mode of use from - 50 C to + 80 C.
- Light transmission of 78%
- Three basic colors: black, blue, green

Electrochromic glass "Hodoor Performance"

Individual production under the order (average term - 1 month)
Toning speed: less than 1 min.
The degree of tinting: 35%, 20%, 15%, 5%.
Power supply: 1.5 V
Consumption: 4W for 2-a glass
Service conditions: -50 - 80 С
Comfort: eliminates UV - 98%, infrared radiation - 42%
Sunlight transmission - 78-80%

Benefits of using

- Individuality
- The possibility of forced toning (toning down)

Protection against UV, infrared radiation will significantly reduce heating in hot weather, will give comfort in the cabin, will close from unwanted looks. Reduces the noise level in the car.

The ability to control, activate and deactivate tinted glass will allow you to comfortably move regardless of the time of day. Glass and film designs can significantly increase the strength of glass.


Electrotonation technologies are the only qualitative and legal possibility of tinting the front windows.

The glass structure consists of: two glasses, an electrochromic polymer between them and a reservation film glued on the inside and outside of the glass.

These glasses are installed instead of regular glass, without changes in the design of the car door.

Toning is controlled with the help of a button, or with the help of a regulator that allows you to smoothly change the degree of darkening. The cost of the regulator +11 000 rubles. to the cost of glasses.

The cost of glasses is indicated with the installation.

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