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Carat seats set for Lexus LX

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Brand Carat
Lexus LX (Restyling (2012-2015))
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Carat seats set for Lexus LX

Carat seats set for Lexus LX

Looking for a way to check the price and buy a Carat seats set for Lexus LX? We can help you to get this limited edition kit quickly!


This body kit set for Lexus LX includes:

  • Carat Front seat set
  • Carat TLC-1.0 black split seats with center console
  • Carat TLC-2.0 black comfortable sofa with center console


This body kit has perfect fitment and easy installation in less than 8 hours. 

Fast worldwide shipping. Installation and painting are not included.

Check shipping & installation costs with our team. E-mail: [email protected]


This kit is waiting for you! Contact us today!

Check our price and buy Carat seats set for Lexus LX!

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