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ADV.1 Wheels is a world-famous brand that develops and manufactures exclusive forged wheels of the highest quality. The company was founded in Miami in 2009, but today is the most sought-after manufacturer of forged wheels, exporting its product to more than 40 countries around the world. The company has engineering facilities in Colorado, Florida and California, production is located in Los Angeles, and the headquarters of ADV.1 is still based in Miami.



Akrapovic is a Slovenian company for the production of automobile and motorcycle exhaust systems. Since 1990, the company began producing exhaust systems for motorcycles. Since 2010, expanded its production to exhaust systems for cars. Global supplier of exhaust systems in motorsports. Akrapovič solutions are used in Moto GP, Superbike, Supermoto, Motocross, Enduro and Rally-Rand races. In May 2010, the Akrapovič exhaust systems were used in the 38 world motor sport championships.


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BC Forged is a serious company that produces serious forged wheels. BC Forged, established in Taiwan in 1999, has been manufacturing premium wheels for many years. BC Forged's durable forged rims delight with a variety of design and excellent quality, so that those who want to buy this product are getting bigger every year.


Beneventi is a promising Russian manufacturer. Beneventi forged wheels combine the highest technical standards, uncompromising attention to detail, the perfect balance of weight and safety margin. The design of the forged wheels Beneventi emphasizes the sporty character and uniqueness of the car. Each forged drive Beneventi is designed individually for sports cars, powerful sedans, as well as sports crossovers. Beneventi forged wheels have proven to be the most powerful cars among the participants of Moscow Unlim 500+.


Brixton Forged is a world leader in the production of forged wheels. Headquarters and manufacturing is based in Los Angeles. The company has been operating since 2013 and is submitting a serious bid for leadership in the segment of the production of two-component and three-component forged wheels.


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Breyton - The history of this tuning company began in the early 80s in the small town of Stokach, in Germany. And although the history of the company goes back more than 30 years, a few years ago, almost nothing was known about it on the European automotive market. Breyton skate has always been and remained the production of rims. This integral part of any car is made of high-strength titanium alloy and stainless steel. The range of the company has wheels that reach 24 inches in diameter. In addition to its functional advantages, Breyton rims can boast the beauty of their appearance. There are models both with the drawings made in the classical form, and in the techno style that is gaining popularity today.


Capristo is a company with a rich history and is undoubtedly one of the world leaders in the production of sports car exhaust systems. The German company is engaged in tuning supercars from manufacturers such as Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Bentley, Chevrolet, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Jaguar, Maserati and many others. Automobile atelier was founded two decades ago. At first, the company specialized in the manufacture of exhaust systems for Ferrari, but over time significantly expanded its production. Now in their assortment there are parts for all global automotive brands.


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Caractere Exclusive - Caractere has been the European leader in external tuning of Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche vehicles for more than 15 years. All Caractere products are traditionally produced in western Europe (Germany, Belgium). In the manufacture of high-strength polyurethane is used, as well as composite materials, which is important when driving on our roads. Elements of the exhaust system are made of first-class stainless steel. The quality of the Caractere aerodynamic dodger complies with European safety standards, confirmed by the relevant TUV certificates, and also approved by numerous experts in the field of professional installation and painting. It is also worth noting that all Caractere products are characterized by the correct geometry; in each tuning element, the equipment and technical specifics of the car are taken into account: the presence of standard headlight washers, adaptive cruise control, as well as the PARK ASSIST options.


D2 Racing - D2 Racing was founded in 1997 and is the largest manufacturer of brake systems, adjustable screw suspensions, air suspension and forged wheels in Taiwan. Products of the highest quality are manufactured in accordance with the European standards of quality control ISO 9001: 2008 and are certified by ROSTEST, JWL, VIA, TÜV, ARTC, FIA. Products are shipped to Japan, the United States and most European countries, where they have worked well.


Forgiato - North American Forgiato (the main plant is located in California) produces forged wheels from 19 "to 34" elite segment. The company was founded in 2002. Forgiato made an unusual decision, which so far no such manufacturing plant could implement - to create a whole collection of discs with a unique design, which will be developed by specialists (the best of the best in Europe) from the industry of exclusive jewelery made from precious metals. Simply put, the design of almost all Forgiato rims was created by European high-class jewelers and brought to life on high-precision CNC machines.


G-Power is a German automotive tuning company based in Autenzel, Bavaria. Founded in 1983 by Joseph Grommish. The company specializes in tuning BMW. It was integrated into the ASA Group in 2008. The company occupies a significant part of the BMW tuning market share. Every year more than 10,000 vehicles are equipped with technical components from G-power.


Hamann - tuning studio in the city of Laupheim (Germany), specializing in tuning, especially BMW cars, as well as other prestigious automakers: Ferrari, Fiat, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Maserati, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, McLaren, Porsche, Land Rover and Bentley. Founder and owner of the company Richard Hamann in the past was quite famous in Germany racer and three times won the German Special Touring Car Ring Championship driving a BMW M1 sports car. Passion and fanatical cars pushed Richard Hamann in 1986 to create his own tuning studio Hamann Motorsport. Since 2013, the Hamann atelier has also been building exclusive motorcycles.

Hodoor - a dynamic and inspiring brand “HoDoor” takes the 1st place among companies in the segment of additional equipment for premium cars. We provide a balanced and sought-after product range, a competent pricing policy, aggressive advertising and PR support, special programs for customers. The company is engaged in the development and production of additional equipment, such as universal door closers, all-round cameras, dead zone sensors, electric trunk and tinting and other products.


HP Brakes is a Russian manufacturer of high-performance braking systems for both ordinary city driving and sports, as well as for heavy off-road vehicles. The company has been operating in the Russian market for more than 10 years and has successfully established itself as a reliable supplier of first-class brake systems, which are not inferior to many well-known global manufacturers, but are much more affordable.


HRE Performance Wheels - a brand recognized throughout the world, has been producing forged wheels of unsurpassed quality and perfect design for over 30 years. HRE designs and manufactures three-piece and monoblock forged rims for motorsport, sport sedans and luxury cars, also for off-road vehicles at its own high-tech factory in San Diego, USA. All HRE discs are made on pre-order and provide the buyer with a huge selection of diameters, widths, offset and final processing of discs.



IMS Automotive Design is a renowned manufacturer of aerodynamic kits for Lamborghini cars, based in the USA. The company was founded in 2008 and is active in manufacturing products for Italian cars.


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Kahn Design - Kahn was founded by designer Afzal Kan (he named the company after himself, his beloved) in 1998. The headquarters of the studio is located in the British city of Bradford. From the earliest years of its activity, Kan specialized in refining exclusively British cars. For a long time, Kahn has been associated by motorists with a bureau that refines the appearance of the Range Rover and Aston Martin products. Today, the company also works with models from other manufacturers, which, by the way, does not like the patriotic founder of the company. The high quality of Kahn products was appreciated by wealthy clients around the world.


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Larte Design - Russian tuning studio LARTE Design, created in the early 2000s by experts in the field of automotive and design, has been developing rapidly in recent years, offering customers to customize the look of their cars. Our company managed to establish itself as a strong player in its industry, having won the recognition of customers and automotive professionals both in Russia and abroad. The main vector of the company's development over the past three years has been access to the markets of Europe and America: since 2012, the company has opened offices in Germany and the United States, has participated in numerous international exhibitions and motor shows in Germany, the United States and Monaco.


Lumma Design is a tuning studio in the city of Benzingen, Germany, which specializes in tuning, primarily BMW cars, as well as other prestigious automakers: Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover. The brand was founded in 1987 and the persistent work of employees and the thirst to create very seriously promoted Lumma design to the global market for tuning production cars.



Manhart - for 20 years of work on setting up BMW cars, the Manhart company gained a unique experience and introduced many innovations in the field of tuning. Manhart Performance has always paid more attention to BMW cars. Optimization of power and reinstallation of engines from one car to another, became the hallmark of the company. Manhart Performance engineers refined the M-Series models, equipping them with engines designed for much larger models. Of course, each rearranged engine is undergoing power upgrading, plus the car is equipped with an improved brake system, suspension and exhaust system.



MBS - MBS Group was founded in 2007 and is currently the undisputed market leader in the production of premium car seats. This confirms the fact that MBS firmly holds the first place in terms of the purchase of luxury leather from Germany for the Russian division of the company. MBS is the only Russian manufacturer of seat models for legendary cars, such as the Lexus LX570, Toyota Land Cruiser 200, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Infiniti QX80, Nissan Patrol, which are fully certified, have passed all stages of safety testing and are installed with a guarantee.


MTR Design - the company is one of the Russian leaders in the development of tuning kits for cars such as the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 and Lexus LX 570. The MTR Design kits for these cars are business cards of companies, and are in great demand not only in Russia, but also in the international market - products are actively sent abroad. The range of the company is regularly updated with kits for other cars. The company continues to actively develop.



OnGlass is a Russian company that manufactures automotive glass using a patented technology. The unique technology has no worthy analogues in the world and today is the most worthy solution. The technology is constantly being improved and improved.


PUR - American manufacturer of exclusive forged wheels. The company focuses on the development and production of disks for the most expensive car brands and models. The company was established in 2011 and was immediately noticed by a number of automotive experts.



Rambach Vostok - the company was founded in Berlin in 1991. The company specializes in the development and production of high-precision electronics for modern cars and other devices that use turbo diesel and gasoline engines. Experts of Rambach-Industrie GmbH create electronic control units for cars, trucks, railway, agricultural machines and units, as well as water transport and industrial diesel installations. A separate division of the company produces for special orders small-scale lots of electronics for sports cars.


Renegade Design is a Russian aerodynamic manufacturer. The company was founded in 2005 and began its activities as a manufacturer of individual tuning projects, but then it was decided to bring some of them into the series. The first went to the series kit for Infiniti FX (since 2013 called QX). In addition to skirts on the Infiniti FX G2 / QX70, Renegade has developed unique stylistic solutions to create a unique look of the Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2, Range Rover Sport, BMW X5, Mercedes-Benz GL / GLS, GLE, C, Maserati Levante, Maserati Ghibli. The headquarters of Renegade is located in Ulyanovsk.

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Renntech - tuning studio from Florida, United States, founded in 1989 by Hartmut Feuhlom and most famous for the modifications of cars of the German brand Mercedes-Benz. The first ten years, the company Hartmut engaged in fine-tuning cars AMG, but in the fall of 1999 he signed a contract and became an official employee of Mercedes-Benz. Now Feihel became involved in servicing not only AMG. RennTECH has achieved great success in collaboration with AMG.


Rocksroad - since 2011 Rocksroad Luxury Forged Wheels has been producing high-quality forged wheels for executive cars. Each set of disks is created by individual order, taking into account the wishes of the customer and the technical features of the car. The forged wheels of Rocksroad are made from the highest quality forged blanks from 6061-T6 alloy (ALCOA, USA) on ultra-modern five-axis German machine tools. For finishing Rocksroad use high-tech paints and varnishes from leading manufacturers. The impeccable quality and reliability of Rocksroad forged wheels is confirmed by a three-year guarantee for structural integrity and finishing, as well as lifetime customer support.


Ronin Design is a promising Russian manufacturer of body kits for BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Porsche. The deep design and high quality of materials make products truly popular among a wide range of consumers.


Rotora - long-term research on the development of friction materials led to the appearance of brake discs of high-quality alloy, resistant to constant significant temperature fluctuations, deformation and corrosion, and also provided satisfactory wear resistance parameters. The use of modern equipment and ongoing research allows the company Rotora Inc. produce brake discs for the most difficult operating conditions. Rotora Inc. produces a large range of brake discs for many models and brands of cars. All removable brake discs completely repeat the size of the standard, which allows you to install brake discs Rotora, without resorting to costly replacement of components of the brake system.


Solomon Alsberg - Solomon Alsberg is a Russian company engaged in the design and manufacture of high-quality alloy and forged wheels for cars since 2005. Production is located in the Sverdlovsk region, in the city of Kamensk-Ural. Solomon Alsberg carries out a full cycle of work, including the development of design and construction, strength analysis, creation of technology for producing stamped forgings, writing control programs for machining, disc manufacturing, finishing, life testing, certification.



Startech is a subsidiary of Brabus, which was engaged in tuning Chrysler and Jeep cars (now the vector has shifted towards British premium brands). The idea of ​​creation was the basis - not to confuse the new business with the existing Mercedes-Benz tuning that already had its own image. The line of accessories offered by Startech is so wide that it is almost the epitome of the full range of modern tuning. The professionalism of the studio leaves no doubt, and customers with confidence recommend it as the best original design studio, representing alloy wheels and exclusive body parts of aerodynamics.


Techart - tuning studio specializing in tuning one of the most exclusive and popular brands of the automotive world - Porsche. Any car leaving the gates of the TechArt factory, located not far from the notorious German city of Stuttgart, rightfully acquires the status of a significant event in the world of tuning. For a quarter of a century, TechArt has been “refining” Porsche cars, with thoughtful, homeopathically small strokes, further emphasizing the individuality of each of the machines undergoing plastic surgery. The very name of this tuning studio, composed of the words "technology" and "art, art," most accurately describes the essence of the German company. In addition to the design developments, TechArt specialists have a number of excellent engines developed by them in the “track record”.



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Topcar is the leader in the global tuning market, which is a Russian manufacturer based in Moscow. Topcar kits are available worldwide. Tuning studio TOPCAR, founded just some seven years ago, has already managed to surprise skeptics with experience in Russia, America, China and even the “sacred” country of cars - Germany. TOPCAR was the first Russian tuning company to appear at the largest and most prestigious motor show in the world - Essen Motor Show (about 400 thousand people visit it every year), where the Germans were surprised to see that "these Russians" know how to work wonders with cars.


Vestis - the company was founded in 2013 in Rostov-on-Don. One of the first companies that has put in its core business specialization in the manufacture of exclusive carpets for premium cars. After 5 years, the company has taken a leading position in the market, significantly expanding the range and improving the quality and design of the products offered.


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Vossen - The American company Vossen Wheels was founded in October 2006, and the founders of Vossen are professionals with 20 years of experience. This company specializes in the production of Vossen Wheels multi-spoke wheels with sizes ranging from 19 "to 22" and widths from 8.5 "to 12.5". We can safely say that the Vossen Wheels wheels have become the progenitors of modern fashion for "concave" wheels. Vossen Wheels is also an international company and has offices in more than 30 countries of the world. This already speaks directly about their quality and endurance.
Vossen Wheels manufactures and tests its products to the highest standard in the wheel industry (quality confirmed by the international TUV certificate).