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Our showroom

Our showroom is open daily

From 10:00 to 22:00

We understand how difficult it is to make the right choice when it comes to buying premium tuning for your favorite car.

It is easy to get confused among hundreds of manufacturers and thousands of different forged wheels, body kits, carbon fiber, brake systems, exhaust, and other products, especially when you don’t work with it every day.

That is why our managers work daily and provide expert assistance in selecting the best tuning for the cars of our clients.

If we talk about forged wheelы, then in addition to the design, it is necessary to select the width, departure, drilling, as well as the correct color, combined with the car body, so that the design of the wheels is not “lost” against the background of the car itself, and it emphasized its features. We reasonably approach the issue of tuning, and in certain cases, we can also dissuade you from “decorating a Christmas tree” because the question of the “right” style of our clients is of great importance to us.

Come visit us and together we will figure out what can be done with your car.

The showroom has samples for:

- forged wheels

- carbon parts

- exhaust systems

- brake systems

- additional equipment

- materials for interior tailoring

- eco-leather mats

We invite you to visit us!