BC Geschmiedet HBR5 (HBR Series)

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Brand BC Forged
Geschmiedete Räder
18", 19", 20", 21"
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6061-T6 Aluminum: Forged two-piece wheels designed for cars with extended arches. Composite models of BC Forged forged wheels are made of aluminum of the highest class 6061-T6, which at the output gives not only a lightweight, but also a very strong and reliable product. Lightweight design. The designs of BC Forged composite models are designed with the idea of ​​optimizing not only weight, but also in such a way as to maintain the final internal hardness of the disk.

Painting: Composite BC Forged forged wheels are available in a wide range of colors. Painting discs is always done at the highest level of quality.

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