Topcar Design body kit for Porsche 911 991 Stinger GTR

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Brand Topcar Design
Porsche 911 (991 (2011-2015))
Carbon fiber
Body Kit
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Basic equipment:

Front bumper, Primed carbon         

Front bumper air intake, Lacquered carbon              

Rear bumper with air intakes, Primed carbon             

Front fenders with air outlets and TopCar logos, Primed carbon, 2 pcs.           

Door pads, Primed carbon, 2 pcs.             

Rear fenders, Primed carbon, 2 pcs.              

Fuel cap cover, Primed carbon              

LED lights front bumper inserts, Lacquered carbon, 2 pcs.                  

Front bumper splitter, Lacquered carbon                    

Side skirts with air intakes, Primed carbon, 2 pcs.                     

Side skirts, bottom, Lacquered carbon, 2 pcs.              

Rear fenders air intakes, Lacquered carbon, 2 pcs.          

Rear diffuser, Lacquered carbon                

Rear bumper air outlets, Lacquered carbon, 2 pcs.             

Rear spoiler, top, Lacquered carbon            

Hood, Lacquered carbon 

Additional options:

GTR-edition exhaust tips                  

Rear diffuser RS, Lacquered carbon              

Rear spoiler RS, top, Lacquered carbon

TOPCAR Logos, set                

Wheel spacers, set         

Tail lights tinting                  

Aluminium pedals, set          

Cabin mats 4 pcs., Black leather with a protective coating, finish edging of leather, with logo


Easy installation. Do not have to fit. This body kit is installed in less than 8 hours.

Installation and painting not included. We can do it anywhere in the world.

Please ask our manager to check price for it in your country.

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