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Techart body kit for Porsche 911 GTstreet R

from 2 days, from 639 rubles
Brand Techart
Body Kit
Carbon fiber
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The kit includes:

GTstreet R carbon fiber front apron with active spoiler front edge optimizes airflow to water and oil radiators with additional air intakes. The central air outlet helps reduce aerodynamic lift.

Carbon gliders tastefully surround the built-in front lights. Side-mounted dampers increase downforce and simultaneously reduce the drag coefficient. A lightweight carbon front cover with a three-dimensional TECHART logo on the inside underlines the vibrant appearance of the TECHART GTstreet R with its dynamic shape.

Carbon front fenders are equipped with outlets for front wheel arches. Both the heat generated by the brakes and the overpressure created by the rotating wheels are discharged through rare visible coal rails. Carbon side skirts continue the GTstreet R design line and aesthetically connect the extended wheel arches at the front and rear. For maximum air flow to the intercoolers, the rear side sections of the GTstreet R are equipped with powerful carbon fiber inlets.

The back apron has characteristic air outlets - typical of the TECHART GTstreet model. Visible carbon fiber skin creates a visual effect by combining three-dimensional taillights.

The carbon rear diffuser creates a real highlight of the GTstreet R: a highly efficient sports exhaust system. Four central titanium exhaust pipes, surrounded by carbon fiber pipes, release exhaust gases, creating an extraordinarily powerful sound.

On top of the engine cover, the active rear wing of the GTstreet R draws attention with its unique carbon wing contour profile, carbon side panels with the GTstreet logo and two aerodynamic carbon fiber winglets.

In Performance mode, the GTstreet R wing rises automatically, and its angle is adjustable to 15 degrees. The large carbon air intake of aerodynamic shape provides sufficient air supply to the engine at any time.


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