New BRABUS Ultimate E Facelift Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio For Sale

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Smart Fortwo (2014+)
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New BRABUS Ultimate E Facelift Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio For Sale

Power 68 kW / 92 hp | Torque 180 Nm | Vmax 130 km/h / 81 mph
Fuel Economy | Petrol

This car is in stock and ready for export. Please contact us for pricing.


Premium & Rare Cars Exports

We assist our partners in buying new cars at a lower cost than local dealers in their own countries. For our consumers, we locate rare cars and provide exceptional, not-to-be-found-on-the-market discounts.

Purchasing a car from Russia is frequently more cost-effective than purchasing one from Europe or America.

Hodoor Performance has been supplying cars and accompanying export transactions all over the world for the past 10 years. We coordinate shipments to Asia, Europe, Africa, and America, and we're always looking to increase our geographic scope of completed projects.

Brabus Features


Special painting: Candy red metallic
Softtop: black
BRABUS front spoiler with front flaps 
BRABUS side panels –illuminated-
BRABUS rear diffusor BRABUS Heckdiffusor
BRABUS fender flares  WIDESTAR FA + RA


Monoblock Y- BRABUS LMF 
7.0J x 18 ET 27 (front axle)
8.0J x 18 ET 35(rear axle)
Tires: Tires 205/35 ZR 18 –FA-
           Tires 235/30 ZR 18 –RA-
BRABUS sports suspension 


BRABUS fine-leather interior,   2 front seats with integrated headrests in leather 
BRABUS special quilting with contrast stitching 
BRABUS sports steering wheel in leather 
BRABUS shift pedals 
BRABUS gear shift lever with sleeve in leather 
BRABUS handbrake lever with sleeve in leather  
BRABUS entrance panels  -illuminated- 
BRABUS pedal pads incl. footrest 
BRABUS floor mats with ultimate Logo LogoSign of Excellence


Power: 92 hp (68 kW) (Series: 82 hp (60kW))

Torque: 180 Nm (Series: 160 Nm)

Low cost due to VAT refund

We offer cars at NET value by default: Hoodor Performance not only manages the procedure of VAT return but also provides its customers the opportunity to reduce costs immediately at the time of the transaction, not at the end of the tax period.

You can buy cars at NET value with Hodoor Performance, even from sellers who don't generally sell cars for export.

We provide full export transaction support, from the initial car selection through the delivery of the vehicle to the customer. We deal with paperwork, choose a cost-effective and secure shipping solution, and handle all transportation difficulties. You may rest confident that the car you require will arrive on schedule to you or your partner.

Door-to-door delivery

We provide a huge selection of premium class cars in stock, all of which are delivered to your door. And when we say "in stock" and "to the doors," that's what we mean.We locate rare and ultra-rare cars capable of meeting the most demanding expectations and deliver them to you anywhere in the world.


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