Forgiato Cablata (La Série Originale)

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Marque Forgiato
Jantes Forgées
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Description: Brightness and expressiveness - these are the characteristic features that distinguish Forgiato forged wheels from a number of other analogues! This brand began its history more than ten years ago - in the 2002th year - in America. Then the main activity of Forgiato Wheels was the sale of alloy wheels brought from their countries in the Far East. However, already in 2005, the company acquired its own facilities for the production of premium forged wheels for expensive cars.

Features: To whom the price of Forgiato discs may seem quite high - however, discs made in America cannot be cheap! The Forgiato plant is equipped with the latest technology, innovative technologies are used in the production, and the aircraft material is 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. Thus, to buy discs “Forgiato” means to get products from high-strength material, which is characterized by corrosion

Advantages: Consumers are available with one-piece and three-piece discs. In the manufacturing process, preforms undergo lengthy processing with high temperature and high pressure. In the process, phenomena such as porosity and voids of the material are eliminated. Its structure changes, providing even greater strength and ductility. This approach allows you to reduce the amount of metal required for the manufacture of the disk, and he gains much less weight. Thus, having a minimum weight, the disk has excellent strength characteristics

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