Why do I need tuning the exhaust system, in addition to sound?

The exhaust system can be divided into three very important elements. The intake manifold acts as a collector of exhaust gases, as well as a conductor of these gases to the output into the pipe. A catalytic converter or converter purifies the gases, making them the least toxic. The silencer is the main device designed to reduce noise when exhaust gases exit into the atmosphere. The muffler itself is designed so that it can dampen the speed of exhaust gases, after which the direct noise arising at the outlet.

Why do I need tuning the exhaust system?

This issue is key in determining a car enthusiast to do tuning the exhaust system, or not. Before tuning the exhaust system yourself, you must definitely ask yourself this question. Quite often it happens that when repairing the exhaust system, the motorist asks about tuning the same system. Conventionally, tuning the exhaust system can be divided into several types:

  • Sound tuning. This is tuning, which is done so that the exhaust system of the motorist creates “roaring and growling” sounds that are pleasant to the ear, which would characterize the entire power of the car’s engine. In this type of tuning, the motorist will need a complete replacement of the converter. Replace with a flame arrester. In addition, it is necessary to install an exhaust pipe silencer.
  • Visual tuning - lies in the greatest variety of visual beauty of the muffler - in nozzles on the muffler - in the “tail”. This tuning is distinguished by the fact that it does not require special intervention for itself in the design of the exhaust system, and also does not require any special expenses for the car enthusiast. You can also notice the "dragon tongue" - this is the emission of flame from the exhaust pipe. But this kind of tuning of the exhaust system requires direct intervention in the design of the exhaust system. However, the effect will be noticeable by the motorist only during the parking period of the vehicle.
  • Technical tuning. This type of tuning the exhaust system is a potential increase in car power (up to 15%). In addition to the good side, there is a negative side: the fuel consumption of a car can increase significantly. People rarely decide on this type of tuning of the exhaust system. Often it is done with special need or the frenzied desire of a motorist.

Which exhaust system tuning to choose?

In the case of independent tuning of the exhaust system, the motorist will have to make a total replacement of the entire conveyor and standard exhaust system of the car with a direct-flow system. If you understand, then this procedure can be done with your own hand in your garage. But this is possible provided that the master owns special skills and equipment in the form of a grinder, welding and a bending machine.

But in addition to the mandatory availability of skills and equipment for tuning the technical entire exhaust system, you will have to learn in detail the exact calculation of the entire system: the type of exhaust silencer, compliance with all the technical characteristics of the specified vehicle, the diameter of the silencer and the material of its manufacture. In this type of tuning, every small detail is important. This is important because the car's power is added and improved, and not lowered.

That is why, the entire procedure for tuning the exhaust system with your own hands will be simpler, but still more expensive, done using a direct-flow proprietary exhaust system made of titanium or stainless steel, which would correspond to the entire design and parameters of the vehicle. Installation of this system will not be special problems, you only need a pit (lift) and tools. Before proceeding directly to tuning the exhaust system of your vehicle, you need to decide: why is it needed? If there is no particular need for it, and the desire is based on the rumors and advice of friends, then it is better to leave a solid and reliable exhaust system that will not let you down in difficult times.


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