Hello friends!

We celebrate the move to a new site!

The hard work in the offline segment led to an understanding of the need to create a more advanced site. The old hodoor.ru served us faithfully for several years, responsibly performed its functions, but it came to move on.

In fact, everything was not limited to one site. The company has undergone a major transformation. Today we look at the issues of the Internet presence differently and plan to develop a special eco-system on the new design and functionality of the hodoor.ru website. Hopefully, our work will not leave you indifferent, because, as it turned out, making a good site is not at all easy.

We will try and do our best to use this resource conveniently. Therefore, we ask you, if you have any comments - do not be offended by us, but write your comments on info@hodoor.ru and we will continuously improve the functionality and usability of the site.

Recall how the old hodoor.ru looked like