Buy Carbon Kits from Hodoor Performance

Nowadays, there are quite a few possibilities for transforming a car, so there are quite a few lovers of these improvements. Tuning is very popular with carbon kits. Our technology center Hodoor Performance successfully applies all the advantageous advantages of composite material, creating products that can not only improve the appearance of the car, but also improve vehicle performance.

Features of carbon and products from it

Carbon is a carbon fiber cloth coated with epoxy resin. Multiple layers of this composite material are combined to obtain ideal technical specifications. Lightweight, durable, beautiful carbon is much more reliable than steel, it is not afraid of corrosion, as well as chemical and physical effects.

This material has received wide distribution due to its use for many of the structural elements of Formula 1 cars. Today, carbon is increasingly used for tuning both sports and production car models. It can be used for almost any part of the vehicle, in addition to the basic & ndash; motor, wheels, glasses, supporting structure.

Carbon automotive elements have not only a stylish look, but also strength, lightness, durability. By replacing just a couple of structural elements with composite parts, you can reduce the weight of the vehicle by 15 kilograms or more. Since many car owners are chasing speed, it becomes clear why such a tuning has such a high appeal.

What are carbon kits

Rear-view mirror cabinets, hoods, rear wings, bumpers, dashboards, décor details, and much more & ndash; Carbon is perfect for all this. Often this trim is performed almost throughout the body, which provides the car with a unique appearance and outstanding driving performance.

Perhaps the most popular product is the carbon fiber hood, which, in combination with the doors and mirror housings made of composite material, provides the car with originality and highlights the gray mass of its fellows. However, many motorists order this finish precisely because of their stylish appearance, and only after that they pay attention to the lightness and durability of the material.

Carbon finish is not only about bonnet, wheels, or rear wings & ndash; trim has no less demand among motorists. Here one of the most popular purchases is a carbon steering wheel, inserts on the dashboard, gear knobs and doors, as well as all possible linings and decor. Carbon seats are also quite popular, which can significantly reduce the weight of the car and give the cabin a sporty look.

There is another important point & ndash; when composite materials are present in the cabin, they are significantly less exposed to UV rays and mechanical damage. So the acquisition of carbon fiber parts for the salon will be the perfect solution. This material is not afraid of scratches, so that your salon for a long time will retain its original, luxurious appearance.

Why choose Hodoor Performance Carbon Kits

Hodoor Performance is an innovator in the Russian car tuning market. We actively apply modern ideas and materials in our products, developing this area and pursuing a common goal - maximum pleasure of each client. Carbon kits of our production, presented on the website, are high-quality products created for people who want to achieve the perfect look of their “iron horse”.

Carbon products have passed all the necessary certification and have a quality comparable to the products of famous world brands. To make the right choice of products, it is enough to contact our experienced consultants. After completing an order, we will quickly deliver your purchase, be it alloy wheels, forged wheels, exhaust systems, brake systems or other equipment presented on the website, in any region of the world.