So, you came to the conclusion that the standard, standard look of your Mercedes car no longer pleases your eye, and decided on a serious step. You want to change the look, make it more individual and stand out from the crowd. You can start with gradual changes and add a spoiler or front bumper trim to your car design, or you can immediately use all the features and, in addition to these parts, also install side sills or a new hood.

What is carbon

Carbon (carbon) fiber, or more precisely, a carbon fiber reinforced polymer. It is a polymer similar to epoxy. Carbon (carbon) fibers are composed of carbon atoms connected in crystals oriented parallel to the longitudinal axis of the fiber. This alignment makes the fibers very strong. The fibers are woven into the fabric, so that the carbon fiber acquires its characteristic appearance.

Carbon parts for Mercedes are very durable and light, which makes them ideal for racing cars or for those vehicles that need strength without the extra weight inherent in metal parts. However, in urban cars, carbon parts of the body kit are in most cases installed to improve the appearance, and not to optimize their functionality. Carbon fiber products come with a special protective coating and are ready for installation immediately after unpacking.

The main disadvantage of carbon fiber parts is their high price, significantly exceeding the cost of body parts made of other materials. A convenient and profitable way to reduce the total cost of tuning can be a combination of parts of the body kit from various materials. For example, you can choose fiberglass or urethane for a spoiler, bumper parts and side sills, and then add a carbon fiber hood.

What are the tuning elements of carbon fiber?

The bumper as the “front” part of the body kit on the Mercedes serves as its decoration. Using the bumper, you can both improve the driving performance and just make your car more attractive and give it a sporty touch. If you want to improve driving performance, you need to take this issue very seriously and maybe you can’t do without the help of specialists. If the bumper serves as a “facing” element, then with its installation you will correct yourself.

Spoiler, like many other elements tuning body kit for cars came to our world from professional racing sports. To optimize the airflow around the car while driving, racing cars are equipped with a spoiler. Its design most often resembles an inverted wing of an airplane. If you think logically, then the wings help the aircraft to rise upwards, while their inverted configuration serves to press the car to the ground at high speeds. It is proved that the spoiler, depending on its location, can increase the downforce of air up to 40%. Of course, spoilers are installed on domestic cars to a greater extent with a purely decorative purpose, so the variety of their shapes and sizes is so great.

Door sills, according to the rules of racing, were invented to prevent air turbulence under the bottom of the car during turns at high speeds. In the conditions of the city, of course, it is very problematic to enter a turn at high speed, and in most cases it is very dangerous for both the driver and other road users. Given all this, this element of tuning can be attributed to the decorative one and not adhere to any canons of professional racing cars, but choose thresholds to your taste. Thresholds on a car make the body visually more massive, and also “lowers” it. This made the thresholds such a popular element of tuning, because the low body height is associated with an expensive sports car.