Buy aerodynamic body kits Russian production for the car

Inexperienced motorists may think that a production car and an aerodynamic body kit are incompatible things. Yes, many models in the basic configuration do not have this possibility, because manufacturers save on consumables, and many owners simply do not need these parts.

However, for those who want to improve the appearance of their vehicle and improve its dynamic characteristics, the company “Hodor” offers a large selection of Russian-made products, specially created for specific models.

Features of the aerodynamics of the car

To install a suitable body kit, it is important to understand the design of these products and the process of improving the aerodynamic characteristics of the machine with their help. The principle of technology is quite simple - a car that “breaks through” the air flow is under the influence of downforce and lifting force. So, the car in an unequal ratio and tears away from the road, and presses, which depends on the features of the body model and the speed of movement of the car.

Many serial models and their "maximum speed" are created so that even at maximum speeds the car has enough pressure to the roadway, while maintaining good handling characteristics. But if the motorist has improved the power characteristics of the car, the speed will increase significantly, but the aerodynamics will be the same. This situation is fraught with loss of the balance of separation-pressure, which leads to the loss of controllability and very sad consequences.

At one time, scientists were able to prove that the higher the speed of a moving object, the lower the air pressure exerted on it. That is, a lot of air molecules move around the car at high speed, and a car, cutting these molecules, forces them to look for other ways, for example, under the bottom or above the car.

Air flow slows down as a result of a special body shape, but under the bottom the pressure increases until the vehicle starts to lift off the ground. At the same time, there is a drop in tire adhesion. The aerodynamic body kit is designed to improve the situation, whose use redirects the air flow in the necessary direction, increasing the pressure.

Which aerodynamic body kit should choose?

For a front wheel drive car with an engine in front, most of the weight and power is directed forward. That is, you need to press the back of what can be done with the help of a wing or spoiler mounted on the trunk. This aerodynamic element is perfectly complemented by a splitter on the front bumper, which will level the loss of power and increase tire adhesion to the road surface.

Rear-wheel drive vehicles with a front-engine layout also become more manageable by installing a rear wing on the trunk, but here you will need to return the power that will fall in the area of the rear tires.

In general, the most beneficial in terms of tuning and maximum speed are cars with rear wheel drive and mid-engine layout. The center of gravity located in the middle of the car allows you to reinforce the rear of the spoiler, and use aerodynamic details at the front. This approach will provide excellent handling, excellent dynamics and stability of the vehicle.

The main point - a competent selection of aerodynamic body kit. If you approach to address this problem wisely, you can easily make your car fast and beautiful, you will achieve improved handling and increased power.

Where to buy a Russian-made aerodynamic body kit

A great solution for this will be aerodynamic body kits of Russian production, presented on our website These products, as well as carbon kits, brake systems, alloy wheels are created for specific car models and have a more affordable price than foreign counterparts. The quality and characteristics of the products are at the highest level.