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Every car owner who has noticed a car tuned with carbon fiber on the road will certainly catch himself thinking that he wants the same for his car. This is not surprising, because the beautiful ribbing of this material provides the vehicle with a sophisticated look, which is impossible to resist. Buy carbon kits for the car in Russia will help our site

What is a carbon

Carbon is a special composite material consisting of carbon fiber as a bonding component in a common polymer matrix. The fibers obtained carry the breaking loads, and the polymer substance provides elasticity and resistance to compression.

It is known that composite materials today are considered the most perfect, and their use provides lightness and tensile strength, which allows you to complement the design of the machine and get rid of the disadvantages of other materials.

Carbon kits have the highest mechanical properties as well as low weight. In this regard, these materials are actively used in motor sports and light aviation. Carbon strength at break is four times higher than that of the best grades of steel, while the mass of the composite material is much less.

Tuning cars using carbon

Replacing automotive parts with carbon analogs provides many advantages:

  • Stylish appearance of the car;
  • Reducing the total mass of the vehicle;
  • Increase the strength of certain elements of the car.

Composite material perfectly tolerates any chemical reactions, it does not burn and does not melt, which made carbon very popular among fans of tuning cars. Today, hoods, front and rear bumpers, side skirts, splashes, mirror housings and much more are produced from this material.

In addition to the exterior, carbon is actively used in vehicle interiors, creating all kinds of panels and handles, inserts and other elements. This increases the aesthetics and practicality of the interior of the machine.

Modern carbon is not only a metallic gray tint, because this material can be created in absolutely any shade, so that it most closely matches the design decision of a particular car. The texture of the finished parts, the thickness of the weave of fibers and their design can also be different, depending on the requirements of the consumer.

With the help of carbon fiber, you can create exterior and interior trim in various styles, achieving a classic, high-tech or sports look of an iron horse. Such versatility allows you to make the car individual and unique, to delight others and delight himself. Professional designers and technologists who create carbon-fiber kits are aware of all the subtleties of handling composite material, which makes tuned cars using carbon-fiber car true works of automotive art.

Due to the fact that this material is expensive, it is present in the basic configuration of the premium segment equipment. In the cabin of such cars are carbon handles, steering inserts, panels and other decor.

However, today it is not at all necessary to have a premium car in order to allow yourself so much stylish and interesting decoration. Many manufacturers produce composite hood covers, bumpers, mirror trim, spoilers and rear wings, which can be installed on production models and enjoy the result. These changes will favorably distinguish your iron horse among the "brothers", and also show you a wealthy person with a refined taste.

Where to buy carbon kits for cars

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