Buy aerodynamic body kits for cars in Russia

Aerodynamic body kit - a set of accessories designed to improve the aerodynamic performance of the car. Advanced motorists use these products in order to achieve a more aggressive, bright appearance of his iron horse. At the same time, a properly selected kit from the range can improve the car not only externally, but also make it more powerful.

Features aerodynamic body kit

Modern aerodynamic tuning is performed using various plastic elements to avoid serious weight gain and loss of controllability. Among these technical solutions are:

  • Rear wings;
  • Spoilers;
  • Profiled bottom panels;
  • Rear and front bumpers profiled sample.

Proper installation and subsequent operation of these products provide the vehicle with additional pressure at high speed. If the installation is carried out without observing the instructions, even the highest-quality aerodynamic body kit will lead to a drop in the traction power of the machine, and also significantly impair handling at any speed, due to overloading one and unloading the other axis.

What is included in the aerodynamic body kit

Let us dwell on the most important elements of the aerodynamic body kit in more detail.

1. Front spoiler.

This part is installed under the front bumper to lift the air and redirect it up. In some situations, the design of the spoiler involves not only raising the air, but also redirecting the flow to the radiator or brake ventilation. This effect in the world of autosport is called “sticking to the roadway”, which provides a serious increase in the quality of controllability of the car.

There is a lack of this technology - if the car suddenly throws up, there can be a complete loss of control and other unpleasant moments.

2. The rear wing.

This function is the exact opposite of the carrying planes of the aircraft, however, the machine does not need to gain height, but it is much more important to acquire additional downforce. By turning the wing of the aircraft, engineers found a plane to press the car to the roadway, which provides a serious improvement in controllability.

There are splashes, which function somewhat differently - on the front edge of the product, the air is directed downwards at a certain angle, which increases the pressure, but increases the risk of an emergency situation if control is lost. This trouble occurs if one axis is too overloaded, and the other is unloaded, which is possible with an illiterate calculation of the angle of wing wing in relation to the ground.

3. Spoiler on the roof or trunk.

The product is designed to "break" the air flow, eliminating the creation of turbulence behind the machine, by moderate overlapping of the air corridor. Reducing the vortex behind the car provides a decrease in drag.

4. Rear bumper.

It acts as a final element in the general complex of measures for creating a lifting force acting on a machine. It has the smallest contribution as a separate component with increasing vehicle aerodynamics.

You can select other elements whose value for aerodynamics is small, but still present:

  • Deflectors;
  • Rear-view mirrors of a special form;
  • Special light equipment.

Where to buy aerodynamic car kit in Russia

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